An Overview Of Bathroom Renovations

Most of us want a bathroom that is welcoming and relaxing; in fact for many homeowners, it’s considered to be one of the most important rooms in their home. And more homeowners carry out bathroom renovations than renovations and updates to other rooms, because the bathroom is used so often and is so important.

Your home can increase in value if you carry out renovations to your bathroom, aside from the improved quality of life and extra comfort for you and your family. A large renovation can pay off later, although renovating your bathroom can initially seem time consuming, tedious and costly.

Planning Bathroom Renovations

Planning for the overall layout and look as well as the fixtures and colour scheme can ensure that your renovations get finished on time, and the project goes smoothly. It’s recommended to do some initial research before attempting anything, especially when it comes to tiles and fixtures. The materials you need for any electrical or plumbing renovations will help determine the cost and how long the project will take.

Natural Lighting

You can have the illusion of a larger and less cluttered bathroom by using natural lighting wherever possible, in the form of windows or a skylight if practical. Of course, windows have the added advantages of providing you with a view while you bathe or shower.


There are plenty of choices when it comes to bathtubs and the right one can give your bathroom an elegant and tasteful look. Don’t be afraid to sit in a bathtub before buying, to make sure it’s large enough and comfortable and of course, any bathtub should match your existing colour scheme.


Another way to make your bathroom look larger is with the use of one or more mirrors. An adjustable make up mirror mounted on the wall is always a useful addition, and a well framed mirror always looks good over the bathroom sink.

DIY Projects

Installing basic fittings, choosing colours and simple demolition are some of the bathroom renovation tasks you can easily do yourself. The money saved can be spent on other more complex bathroom renovations. You may need to have specialised knowledge and skills for some projects, but doing it yourself is a wonderful way to learn something new.

Hiring a Contractor

Hiring an expert makes more sense if your project calls for the entire bathroom to be stripped down. Asking friends, neighbours and family members is a good place to start if you need to hire a reliable contractor. Don’t forget to check their experience, credentials and references, and whether they are fully licensed, once you have a few names from which to choose.

Meeting with a few potential contractors is a good next step once you have a few likely names on your list. The terms of your agreement should meet the needs of both of you and of course you should always get any agreement in writing.