Residential Painter

Could your home do with a fresh coat of paint? Perhaps you’re in the middle of renovations and you’d like to have a particular room (or set of rooms) subjected to a brand new lick of colour? Whatever you’re in need of our services for, Eastern Suburbs Painting are one of the leading interior painting and decoration services in the region – and we’d love to help you today!

What Do We Offer?

Our team consists of some of the most experienced decorators in Australia – with each member boasting extensive qualifications and expertise obtained from education and experience alike.

Our Resources

At ESP we avoid cheap, tacky paints at all costs – in favour of effective, expertly manufactured alternatives that offer the best results. From those that offer matte or gloss finishes, all the way to textured, pastel and exterior paint types; we have access to some of the most beneficial paint resources in the country, all of which offer incredible results.

Unlike many of our competitors, we prefer to offer free, no obligation quotes as standard. Rather than cajoling our clients into hiring our services, we enjoy nothing more than allowing our reputation to speak for us. People rely on us to ensure that the quality of their projects is world-class and this is something that we pride ourselves on.

Why Choose Us?

Not only do we offer an incredible variety of painting services, all of which are ideally suited to both internal and external requirements – we also boast some of the fairest prices in Melbourne. We’re able to keep our costs low as we minimise our overheads, so that we can offer astounding services to our clients without the excessive charges that many of our competitors propose.

It’s not all about the cost however, and that’s why we make a point of ensuring that our services are of the highest quality – regardless of your quote.

What we truly care about is providing satisfactory results to our clients – and even this is at the very minimum. In all cases we strive for perfection; from ensuring that the area is properly prepared to receive a smooth application of paint, all the way to sharing information with our clients to help them to keep their paintjob looking fantastic well into the future.

And we do all of this for those in and around Eastern Melbourne, because it’s where we operate and where we’ve developed our reputation. We strive for perfection, so that you as our clients can reap the rewards. However small or large your project might be, get in touch with our team today and we’ll offer you a free quote, or book your project in at a date and time that suits you!